Saturday, 5 July 2008

The boys

Actually Emir's birthday is still 10 more days to go, but since the school had finished a week ago and before everybody's leaving for long summer holiday, we had Emir's friends to come to our house today.

Fortunately Scott Hansen, Terry Petras, and Caylan Mc Coy are not leaving yet for the holiday, they're still in town.

Before lunch they played PS then after had lunch, we all ( 7 of us, Arif, farah and me included. Dudi just left for The Middle East yesterday) headed to the theater to watch the movie (Hancock).

In the afternoon they continued to play play station for another hours....., they all refused to go swimming.

I had so much fun with the boys and seemed they had a great time too, not to mention Farah who was very excited to join with them.