Saturday, 19 July 2008

so funny....

One night,

The kids were in my room, Dudi was still in The Middle East,

I heard this, the conversation between Arif (my oldest) and Farah (the youngest) :

Well, actually Arif (who's talking), Farah's (who's listening)

Arif :

Farah, listen to me, I'm telling you this :

Don't marry A, he's too disgusting
Don't marry B, he's too skinny
Don't marry C, he's too negative
Don't marry D, he has too many pimples
Don't marry E, he's too sissy, easy to cry
Don't marry F, he doesn't like wearing a tshirt when sleeping (iya betul, cuma pakai boxer, gw aja sampai kaget, gw buka kamar anak2 pas dia lagi nginep di rumah.., whattt.. :-O)

Don't marry G, angry a lot, oh okay he's not, only for some times, but he likes to get angry without any reasons, (wah gawat...;)))

Don't marry H, he's..., oh no.. oh yes..!! he's good.., he's smart, but no.!, he has bug teeth, maybe later.. =))

Don't marry I, he's too tall
Don't marry J, he's too picky (very difficult to eat) hee..hee.. emang rada :P norak

Don't marry K, he's too..., oh yes.., he's oke, oh no..!!, he's too good for you ( me : whatt..!!?? :-O )

Don't marry L, heemm, jumping a lot..!!
Don't marry M, he's too fat..!! you will run out of money, just buy food for him..!!

(and now he's talking about Farah's friends)

Don't marry N, he pee a lot ( in the morning, going to the school by school bus, he likes to ask the driver to stop somewhere..)
Don't marry O, he cries a lot..., oh God..
Don't marry P, he's... eemm.., oh okay.. he's a good boy, he's good for you...
(woah...finally..!! someone got approved.. pheeuuhh..!! #:-S )