Friday, 29 February 2008


Farah : Mommy..look what I made at school, it's a ginger bread man cookie !!
Me : wow..! oh so sorry for you Farah, but the head is broken.
Farah : that's okay, mommy. So how is it mommy..?, do you like it
me : emm.. very nice. I love it.
Farah : here I give you the mouth and the eye. i know your color.
Me : Oh..thank you Farah, you're such a sweet girl.

The cookie was very good indeed !.

Oops !, I almost eat Farah, hue..hue.. (gemezz..), she's so cuutee...

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dudi's birthday

Iya! on Friday (Feb 22) was my hubby's birthday, he's now 41. (ehm ! tambah ganteng and sexy deh, hush !)

I made Farah woke up that early morning and told her it was papa's birthday, yup ! easily she got up and found papa was not in his bed
Farah : where's papa ?
me : still taking a shower
Farah (yelling from the bathroom's door) : hi papa... happy birthday..

then immediately she just went to his brothers room.. "wake up mas.. wake up Emir..., it's papa' birthday.. come on.. quick get up...!!" (he..he.. she's just like a police officer). Okay...okay... the boys grumbled.

Before papa left for office, Emir and Farah showed their work to Dudi. They made a birthday wishes project in the computer, so cool... even Emir made a slide show, good work!. Arif..?.. oh, he continued his sleeping again... (still holiday!)

Days before, Dudi said "ehmmm what I'm gonna get for my birthday.." (hah..??, I'd been thinking not to buy anything for him, he..he..evil wife!). Okay then, hhmm.. a ring ?, no.. !, he definately does't like it, a neckless..?, he..he.. I must be crazy.

Done with my grocery shopping then we (Farah and me) went to a mall, needed to buy a present for Dudi. I know he loves books, okay then... easy peasy.. just find the best seller ones.., but since I didn't go to the bookstores in Bkk, there are not to much choices here in Pattaya, so I took the book that is not heavy read like Dudi's other books but the one that I can read it too(ha..ha..wise wife!). Could you wrap it very nicely please.. I asked the guy. Wow!, he put it in a very special box. Perfect!.

Back home, it was already about 1 pm. I started to cook for special dinner. I made nasi uduk, ayam bakar bumbu rujak, mie goreng, tumis tahu tempe bumbu pedas, ayam bumbu bw putih then I also made a very simple chocolate birthday cake and for dessert I made creme brulee. Oh ya also I made caezar salad.

Dudi called me and said that he would be home at 7 pm (..liar!, let's see, hue..hue..), but... until 7.15 he was not at home. Okay, Farah couldn't wait any longer she needed to have dinner soon or otherwise she would sleep. And, it was right!, just after Farah finished her dinner then Dudi came. It was about 8 pm!, I wasn't surprised, I'm his wife!.

When we were still working with our dinner, Farah put her head on the table then soon she slept... zzzz

On Sunday, to celebrate Dudi's extended birthday, we had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant ( yes!, Dudi loves Japanese food, so do Arif, Emir and Farah). I'm not a fan of japanese food but I love desserts, I'm a dessert person hue..hue.. and Benihana has everything I like .. hm yum..yum..!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Mid term break

No school for a week. I like to bake and try new recipes. The kids enjoy their afternoon tea. Then go for swimming or ride their bikes, while I'm preparing dinner.