Friday, 25 January 2008

coffee morning

To welcome in the new year 2008, I had a small group of moms (Regents School) for coffee morning at home today.

Not so busy for preparing the food but I must fry some of them (easy, but you know... right ? when you do it). I made mini mushroom muffins, risoles - crepes with creamy chicken filling, tofu nugget, fermented gloutinous rice cake (kue tape) mini croissants and black rice pudding served with coconut milk (bubur).

The moms were Kay (England) who came with her adorable baby Eden and mom - mrs Martinesz, Ita (Indo), Elen (indo), Anna (Malaysian), Lin (Singaporean), Aini (Malaysian) and Sv (Russian). Lin who came right after her badminton refused to be taken her picture since she said she was still in her sport outfit, he..he..he..

Ita made apple pie, Anna made mini tartlets...hhmm.. tempting and yum..., too bad I didn't take the pictures since my camera was still in charging at that time), Ellen made rujak (various of cut fruits with peanut dipping), Kay with the mint chocolate and Lin brought fruits. Thank you so much girls..

Monday, 14 January 2008

Arif's birthday

My eldest son, si gundul ganteng 1, turned 12 years old (Jan 13th). He is my young man.

We had brunch at a restaurant (at my kids favourite restaurant). In the morning my centil Farah had been busy for preparing the present for the big brother. She asked me to help her wrap it.

"I'm not telling you mas....", Farah said to Arif.
"I know what it is..., it's a drawing !. Your drawing...", Arif said
"No, it's not. I'm not telling..." she kept saying that, and she kept showing him the wrapped present.

Then she said that she would give the present when his birthday has started. Ha..ha.. for her, mas Arif's birthday is a time when Arif blew the candles. So, she insisted that he needed to wait until we got home, then he could open the present.

After brunch we went to a certain shop to buy a present for Arif. Hmm... the one that he really wanted (read : not he needed :P).

At home, after Arif blew his candles, then time for Farah to give him the present and she was the one who was really excited. Trang..trang....! both Arif and Farah were so happy. Mas liked her drawing. He really appreciated Farah's effort.

"Mas..this is me and this is you.....", Farah pointed the picture.
"but Farah why am I smaller than you...?", Arif asked Farah.

Arif's birthday


2 Days ago I Just came back from Jakarta, went alone, needed to do something here. Only spent for 4 nights (9-12 Jan). I stayed in my mom's house.

Still, I could manage my time here for visiting my in laws, my dearest auntie and her family at one of their houses (the new make over one - wow! it's fab!! - and I'm so in love with the big and the modern kitchen) and had lunch with them, went around with Indri for shopping (ha..ha.. not me, but Indri) and did my urusan bussiness (kindly she took me everywhere) then met my friends Arry and Amanda (another little bit of shopping with her). Rushed and rushed.... !!

My luggage was limited for only 15 kg, that's good !, excuse for not shopping here, but still mine was overweight for 1,6 kg ha..ha.. although I didn't do shopping :P

Btw, I'm thinking to make a proposal to the magazine about my aunti's house

Ayu Wati, me, Rati, Ravi, Indra, Indira, Mom, tante farida and oom Srihadi (having lunch at a hotel)

mom, me, Indri, Arry and Elly at a mall

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Romantic Bangkok

We stayed in a very nice hotel (located along the Chao Phraya river).

At night, we took a hotel owned boat, cruised along the river. Liked the view with the lights, so..romantic, clean and no smell. We were not dissapointed at all.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Happy New Year 2008 from Central World - Bangkok