Friday, 25 January 2008

coffee morning

To welcome in the new year 2008, I had a small group of moms (Regents School) for coffee morning at home today.

Not so busy for preparing the food but I must fry some of them (easy, but you know... right ? when you do it). I made mini mushroom muffins, risoles - crepes with creamy chicken filling, tofu nugget, fermented gloutinous rice cake (kue tape) mini croissants and black rice pudding served with coconut milk (bubur).

The moms were Kay (England) who came with her adorable baby Eden and mom - mrs Martinesz, Ita (Indo), Elen (indo), Anna (Malaysian), Lin (Singaporean), Aini (Malaysian) and Sv (Russian). Lin who came right after her badminton refused to be taken her picture since she said she was still in her sport outfit, he..he..he..

Ita made apple pie, Anna made mini tartlets...hhmm.. tempting and yum..., too bad I didn't take the pictures since my camera was still in charging at that time), Ellen made rujak (various of cut fruits with peanut dipping), Kay with the mint chocolate and Lin brought fruits. Thank you so much girls..