Monday, 14 January 2008

Arif's birthday

My eldest son, si gundul ganteng 1, turned 12 years old (Jan 13th). He is my young man.

We had brunch at a restaurant (at my kids favourite restaurant). In the morning my centil Farah had been busy for preparing the present for the big brother. She asked me to help her wrap it.

"I'm not telling you mas....", Farah said to Arif.
"I know what it is..., it's a drawing !. Your drawing...", Arif said
"No, it's not. I'm not telling..." she kept saying that, and she kept showing him the wrapped present.

Then she said that she would give the present when his birthday has started. Ha..ha.. for her, mas Arif's birthday is a time when Arif blew the candles. So, she insisted that he needed to wait until we got home, then he could open the present.

After brunch we went to a certain shop to buy a present for Arif. Hmm... the one that he really wanted (read : not he needed :P).

At home, after Arif blew his candles, then time for Farah to give him the present and she was the one who was really excited. Trang..trang....! both Arif and Farah were so happy. Mas liked her drawing. He really appreciated Farah's effort.

"Mas..this is me and this is you.....", Farah pointed the picture.
"but Farah why am I smaller than you...?", Arif asked Farah.