Monday, 14 January 2008


2 Days ago I Just came back from Jakarta, went alone, needed to do something here. Only spent for 4 nights (9-12 Jan). I stayed in my mom's house.

Still, I could manage my time here for visiting my in laws, my dearest auntie and her family at one of their houses (the new make over one - wow! it's fab!! - and I'm so in love with the big and the modern kitchen) and had lunch with them, went around with Indri for shopping (ha..ha.. not me, but Indri) and did my urusan bussiness (kindly she took me everywhere) then met my friends Arry and Amanda (another little bit of shopping with her). Rushed and rushed.... !!

My luggage was limited for only 15 kg, that's good !, excuse for not shopping here, but still mine was overweight for 1,6 kg ha..ha.. although I didn't do shopping :P

Btw, I'm thinking to make a proposal to the magazine about my aunti's house

Ayu Wati, me, Rati, Ravi, Indra, Indira, Mom, tante farida and oom Srihadi (having lunch at a hotel)

mom, me, Indri, Arry and Elly at a mall