Sunday, 16 December 2007

She was a reindeer

Farah at a school performance (Dec 13th 2007)

24th Sea Games-Dec 2007 (Thailand)

There were times when Indonesia was no 1.

We came to Horseshoe Point to watch and support the Indonesian team. No luck...

Thursday, 6 December 2007

king's birthday

On December 5th, 2007, the king is 80.

Thais showed their respect for His Majesty by wearing yellow- the colour that symbolizes Monday, the day of the king was born. Well, not only Thais, on this day most people here wearing yellow.

We were here with Thais in rachadanun street, when our driver called my husband telling him that the king just finished his speech from the palace, and would pass this street very soon. So we crossed the street and got ready. The police started to put the yellow (big&long) scarf in front of yhe people. Wow... we were in the very front row, how lucky !

When The king's car passed, I was about to wave my hand when I realized people around us clasped their hands in respect. "Long Live the King" echoed in unison throghtout the air, it was a sight never to be forgotten.

we were in yellow

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Amanda and me

She is my old friend and was my best friend.

We went to the same high school. We took Feksos (bimbingan belajar) together before entering university. After that I had barely seen her. Both of us took law in major (not same university).

Finished law school, I worked for a bank. She had taken paths as a lawyer. Lucky me I met her again when I got married. Then I never met her again until recently. Yeah.....after 13 years.....

She came here in Thailand to visit us. Stayed in my house for only 2 nights.... hah..what ...??!! after all these years....??. Since this is my first time to go to Thailand, so I must go to Chiangmai as well, she said. Yeah right !!, you're such a good friend...ha..ha..ha..

Anyway in 3 days, we talked a lot, catched up with each other. Talked about our parents - mothers and our late fathers, our siblings, our friends. It was so fun !!.

We went around to see pattaya at night with Dudi and Scott (Dudi's friend) then we went to a discotheque !! (her request, gak salah nih Manda!!), I protested her but I went with her anyway :p, needed to take care of her, ha...ha...ha...

She is my wonderfull and best friend !!.

She is single, available and a lawyer...

with amanda