Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Today, our second is 10 years old.

Soon after subuh, I right away went to the kitchen, needed to make a special breakfast.

At 9 am we all were ready for breakfast. Dudi is not here, he's still in The Middle East.

Okay, for breakfast this morning we had nasi kuning, opor ayam, empal suwir, mie goreng, gado2, sambal goreng udang and chocolate pie ( I managed to finish making this pie at 11 pm
(:|, ngantuk rek )

As usual Farah made a special birthday present, her drawing. Last night she drew the picture in front of the birthday boy and I helped her to wrap it while Emir was in front of me :P. But Emir was so nice to her so when he opened his present this morning he didn't forget to put his face surprisely.. and Farah so happy.

Selamat ulang tahun sayang.., doa mama selalu menyertaimu..