Thursday, 26 June 2008

gimana seh...

Hua..... :((, today I had the last coffee morning at la baguette with Janet before she's leaving. My dear friend Janet Seale and her family are off to America tomorrow afternoon, not for summer holiday, but for good. They are moving back to the US after 12 years in Asia (Taiwan, China, Sing, Thailand). She is a very nice and sincere person. Love her so much. Janet, you'll be missed by everybody here..

I forgot to take pictures, infact none of us took any. Ita, Anna T, Aini, Lim, Janet and me, everybody forgot..!!

After coffee, Janet's house, lunch, then time to say bye to Anna T too. We took her to the hotel. Yes, she's moving too... but moving to Bangkok... hee..hee...GOOD.., more excuses and more often for me to go to Bangkok... !! . See you soon Anna T..

Hope someday, some other time, somewhere will see Janet again...

Take care my friends..