Saturday, 21 June 2008

from Jakarta

We all went to Jakarta. Visiting our parents. Met sisters, brothers, niece and nephews.

Kids and me stayed there for 1 week, and just came back last night. Dudi will be home tonight.

I had a chance to meet Nela (we were law students at UI' 87), we had lunch at Setiabudi 1, yeah.. teens years ago seems just like yesterday. Thank you Nela for your time. Ahem.. we ate dimsum.. yuhuu.. (bener yah nel, gak pake babi, awas aja kalau dah sampe indo masih juga ketipu :P ). Hope some other time I can see my other UI colleagues..

With so much appointments in Jakarta, I still could meet with Anna G (my Philipina's friend when she was in Pattaya), she and the family just moved to Jakarta. We (her 3 kids and her 4th kids to be -she's expecting-, my 3 kids, my mom, and my bro) had lunch at Warung Pojok -Plaza Senayan-.

Oh ya.. we went to Bandung for shopping... off course..!!. Satisfied..!!

Kita sekeluarga sangat mendoakan agar mimih -ibu mertuaku- cepet sembuh, amin.