Tuesday, 1 April 2008

They're leaving

This is not fun...not at all... !!

After living here in Thailand for almost 4 and half years, I'v had so much friends from different nationalities. Very good friends.

As times running, there is a moment for finally one by one's leaving the country. Who's turn know..??, hiks.. not only one but ones...

Toko, a Japanese. I knew her first time at Montessory school in 2005. Her youngest girl, Kana was Farah's classmate. Since then we'd just hang around together, played golf together, in a driving course though.. (never had a chance to try out in green with her) hee..hee.., I'm so lazy.. although.. pls accept this for saying -I'm better than you-, ha..ha.. admit it lah...

Eva, from Germany. Lukas her son was also Farah's classmate in Montessory in 2005. Ya, we are Montessory gang..?. Btw she loves japanese food, not common for Deutches, ya..?.

Ida, Indonesian. Off course as Indonesians and not living in Indonesia we always found each other.... I met her at PILC's (Pattaya International Ladies Club) Coffee Morning. She and her family are relocated to Singapore. Bu pergossipan masih terus berlanjut..melalui email.., pastinya !

Lin, Singaporean. She came to my house with Anna Malaysian (again, Montessory !) when I had a stainless steel party. Her kids and mine are in the same school (Regents's). Now they're moving to Australia.

Farewell Toko, Eva, Ida, Lin.... , hope to see you somewhere, some other time.. and always keep in touch, okay. ( hee..hee.. Facebook )

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