Saturday, 8 March 2008

International Day

I was so exhausted.... !! . I'd thought I was done !. Yeah, I'd participated the international days at my kids' school many times before, and mostly in Regents' School, hhmm.. let's say, almost every year..??.

First time was when we were in America, at my boys' school ( Farah was not born yet ) -Brookfield Academy- we were the only Indonesian Family. Despite the name of International Day, they called a Cultural Day. I still remember those days.. my 2 boys were still little boys, they were so cute and adorable in teluk belanga costume ( from South Sumatra ). In those days I used to make sate ayam and I stayed up till late night to prepare a poster about Indonesia.

When we moved here to Thailand, again at my boys' school (Farah still in another school-Nursery school), we were the only Indonesian family who participated the International day although there were another 2 Indonesian families. It was no problem at all for me, I still prepared Indonesian food and set up the table to show something about Indonesia. My boys wore javanese costumes complete with blangkon and keris and this time I also wore a beautiful kebaya.

The next year there were more Indonesian families at school, and some of them were really eager to participate the International day (salut for Ita fam, Arry fam, Elen fam and Di fam). We even (the indonesian moms) had a meeting to make plans about these and those things, ...bla..bla..(he..he.. meeting and eating..of course..!! ) so when the day happened, it was like what we'd hope. We really hit the day . The food was great and there was a lot !!, our table was really beautiful decorated with Indonesian things. The kids also enjoyed wearing the indonesian traditional costumes from Java, Aceh, Bugis, Bali. They just made us so proud. I was so impressed with Farah and other younger kids.

Like I mentioned above, for International Day this year, I'd had a plan to do nothing but retired and enjoyed, just come and see and buy and eat the food ( wish !). After talked to Ita suddenly we had an idea to participate the International Cafe . Hmm..not bad... I could handle it, in fact that was a good idea, brilliant ! since Ita and me like to cook and bake (apalagi si ita deh si ratu kue). Ya, stupid me !. Anyway, again, we had a meeting and eating. Moms facts : enjoy talk and eat, this time the meeting also involved Anna (Malaysian-Singaporen), Lim and Aini (both are Malaysian). Yes ! we would have a table for us together. A Malay-Sing-Indo Cafe. At the menu we would have complete nasi lemak, longan juice, risoles, es dawet, pisang bakar, bubur ketan item and pastel. Super yum..!! for sure.

I knew from Arif that some Indonesians students in secondary were busy preparing a presentation for Indonesia. Arif joined and participated with it. I called Vera (who has 2 kids in secondary) asking her wether it's possible to put our Indonesian stuff at school a day before, but this conversation ended up with asking me for participating as an Indonesian. Woott......??!! are you kidding me..?? (talked to myself, ha..ha..) I was like ggrrrhgh..!!. oh ..come on dear.. where were you last year and 2 years ago..??. Where have you been..?? (cuman beraninya ngomong dlm hati -talked to myself only !!-).

Anyway.. here we were, the whole family. International Day this time was held on Saturday. Arif left before us, he needed to prepare the table with friends. Farah was so cute in kebaya. Emir wore his kemeja batik (mama, I would never ever..ever.. wear a skirt again, he kept saying that, days before, till this morning to make sure. Ha..ha.. lol!, off course it's not a skirt, it's a sarong, he refered to baju jawa blangkonan, he was so scared I would force him to wear a javanese prince costume).

When I came to school this morning I saw Sunny (my international day - partner in crime - friend ), waving to her from my car window, and looking at her.. oh .. she was just walking slowly in casual clothes (not in a traditional korean, like she used to wear it when international day), not bringing food and seemed happy !! it was very obvious that she's "retired" now, like I was supposed to, regeneration..!!, take over to the "newbies". To late....Lisa..!! here you were with the food, plastic cups, plates etc..etc.. and wearing kebaya. The car trunk was full with ......, I don't know, everything..!

I found only 1 left available table. It was still not even 11am but the cafes were already so crowded. I started to get ready alone while waiting for my friends. I needed to prepare es dawet into the cups (Elen made es dawet but she couldn't come she must go to the church), set up the food that I made : risoles and caramelized banana satay, set the plates, names, etc..etc.., I asked Dudi to bring a tray with full of small bowls of bubur ketan item to Arif's table in second floor. Then my friends coming.. Ita put the batik table cloth on. The gift artist - Anna - was ready with beautiful, handmade, small flags of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. So cute..!

I walked up to the second floor to see "Indonesia booth". I was so surprised that only Arif had came and was ready with his stuff, sat down and eating his mom bubur ketan item. He set up the tables so nice... wayangs, masks, mini statues from Bali, the flag, the books, with my antiques, very old, royal patern batik sarongs (from my mother off course) unfolded laid on the tables. Although I warned him before, not to open those each batiks from its plastic bag since my mother had washed and preserved them with sago flour (crispy cloths). I was so impressed !. Fantastic Arif. Fortunately there was no camera. Dudi was the one who in charge of taking pictures and he was somewhere going around with Farah and Emir.

This was first time for Dudi to come, see, know the International day. He and kids enjoyed the day. They tried so many food, watched performances, did activities/games and participated with the parade.

After the parade finished, We came up to the second floor, needed to help Arif with the stuff, then there...?? wow..??!! the Indonesian booth was nicer, very nice presentation, something had hapened here..?, yeah Vera and family came to school very late (because of the car problem, I felt really sorry for them), but they did the job very well though. Vera brought es cendol and pudding, and there were some more batiks, baju daerah, patung2 bali, poster. Well done Mutia..!!

At around 4 pm we're off

I'm done !.

So long..International day..but.. still, I have intention to do this, some time in another country and another school. Insha Allah-God Willing-.